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Precious Metals Week in Review with Joe Battaglia 02.20.15

Joe Battaglia Wraps Up This Week’s Gold and Silver News.

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Precious Metals Market Update 06.19.13

The latest precious metals prices, analyst forecasts, and economic news.

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Precious Metals Week in Review with Joe Battaglia 02.15.13

Joe Battaglia discussed this week’s precious metals and economic news including: reasons for the drop in gold prices this week; Goldline’s Price Guarantee Program; news that George Soros sold gold shares; Eurozone economic concerns; the World Gold Council report that India remains the world’s top gold consumer; the World Gold Council report that central bank gold purchases reached their highest level in almost 50 years; global currency wars; James Rickard’s thoughts on gold; Congressman Ron Paul’s thoughts on gold; analyst price targets for gold and silver.

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