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Precious Metals Week in Review with Joe Battaglia 12.13.13

Joe Battaglia Wraps Up This Week’s Gold and Silver News.

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  • I enjoy your podcast. I just recently started investing in precious metals, so the info you are providing helps me with decision making. I would to make a few critiques 1 for some reason this site is out of wack in terms of resolution. the picture in the middle is about 5 times bigger than the size of my monitor 2 The volume of the podcast seems unusually low I have to turn it up pretty loud to hear it 3 Im not sure if your microphone has a windscreen or not, but randomly there is a very loud popping sound that I can only think may happen when you are too close to the microphone or you microphone is set with too high a gain. I want to listen to the podcast with headphones, but Im afraid because the popping can get so loud it hurts the ears I apologize if it seems that I am just criticizing, but I really do enjoy the content you provide, and I enjoy staying informed and I look forward to each podcast Randy

    posted by: Randy on 2013-12-15 02:05:17

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