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Precious Metals Market Update 05.31.12

Moody’s downgrades 9 Danish banks and Spain tries to salvage the country’s largest bank. We discuss the eroding situation in Europe and what it could mean for gold and silver.

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Precious Metals Market Update 05.30.12

Sprott Asset Management’s John Embry believes gold prices may reach $10,000 due to fiat currencies and inflation.

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Precious Metals Market Update 05.29.12

Some analysts believe gold is poised to regain its safe-haven status before the end of the year on the growing Euro-zone debt crisis and a possible third round of quantitative easing.

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Precious Metals Week in Review with Joe Battaglia 05.25.12

Joe Battaglia discussed this week’s precious metals and economic news including: the possibility that the gold correction is over; Facebook’s IPO; oil prices dropping; runs on Spanish banks; JP Morgan losses grow by another $1 billion; central banks and hedge funds continue to add gold to their holdings; Moody’s downgrades 16 Spanish banks; investing in silver; EU summit declares desire for Greece to remain in Eurozone; possibility of Eurozone crisis boosting gold prices; possible return to the gold standard; analyst price targets for gold and silver.

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Precious Metals Market Update 05.24.12

Several countries, including Mexico, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Philippines, added to their gold holdings last month. We’ll discuss this and the EU preparations for a possible Greek exit from the eurozone.

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Precious Metals Market Update 05.23.12

The technical analysts at BofA Merrill Lynch recently wrote:"Gold has pulled back to test support at $1550-1500. This support is holding, which sets up gold for a rally... Our longer-term view remains that gold is in a secular bull market with upside potential to $2000-2300 to as high as $3000 in coming years."

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Precious Metals Market Update 05.22.12

Veteran precious metals analyst Leonard Melman is calling for gold prices to hit $2400 and silver to reach $55 in Q4 of 2012, while David Murrin of Emergent Asset Management says gold could hit $2500 on a failing euro and failing U.S. dollar.

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Precious Metals Market Update 05.21.12

Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management believes gold and silver continue to be important assets to own due to the Euro zone crisis, a zero interest rate policy, the Chinese appetite for gold and continued central bank buying.

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Precious Metals Week In Review 05.18.12

This week’s gold volatility and late week rally; $700 million Euro run on Greek banks; JP Morgan’s $2 billion loss; China overtaking India as the world’s top consumer of gold; analyst price targets for gold and precious metals.

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Precious Metals Market Update 05.17.12

Several Federal Reserve members have indicated a third round of quantitative easing may be implement if the current economic recovery loses momentum. We discuss this and the $500 million gold purchase by a Japanese pension fund.

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