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Precious Metals Market Update 02.29.12

The European Central Bank pledged to loan over half a trillion euros today. We discuss this and how it could affect gold and silver prices.

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Precious Metals Market Update 02.28.12

Eric Sprott, founder of Sprott Asset Management, believes gold as an under-owned asset class, making up only 0.7%of global financial assets. We discuss this and how gold prices may be affected by increased gold ownership.

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Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management says extraordinary increases in the world money supply could send gold to $2000 and silver to $67 by March.

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Precious Metals Market Update 02.24.12

With silver’s notable performance so far this year, we discuss silver’s prospects for increasing as much as 100% this year.

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Precious Metals Week in Review-02.24.12

The Greek austerity program and whether it will steer the country from its road to default; the enduring popularity of gold with both investors and central banks; acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb believes gas could reach $6 this summer, sending gold and silver skyrocketing; silver could see much higher prices; monetary easing from the People’s Bank of China; and gold and silver price forecasts.

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Precious Metals Market Update 02.23.12

Acclaimed money manager Steven Leeb is predicting $6 gas this summer which could send gold prices to $3000 per ounce by the end of the year.

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Precious Metals Market Update 02.22.12

With the continual growing demand of gold from central banks, analyst Peter Sorrentino is calling for $2000 gold by April. Also, we discuss how gold is a recognized hedge against rising inflation.

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Precious Metals Market Update 02.21.12

We explain why the Greek bailout likely won't solve Europe's debt crisis and gold's continued role as a safe haven asset.

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Precious Metals Week in Review 02.17.12

Peter Grandich projects gold reaching $2350; Moody’s cuts the debt rating of six European countries including Italy, Spain and Portugal; Keith Barron says a Greek default could be a financial Armageddon a thousand times worse than the Lehman crisis; John Paulson predicts that if Greece defaults the EU will breakup; Steven Leeb believes Mideast turmoil could lead to the second leg of gold’s bull market.

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Precious Metals Market Update 02.17.12

We discuss acclaimed money manager Steven Leeb’s belief that Mideast turmoil could lead gold into the second leg of its bull market.

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