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Tune in as Joe Battaglia delivers his final American Advisor

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Hear how the job market effected gold, the economy and federal rates.

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What will the Feds do with interest rates?  Learn in this week's American Advisor.

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Do you know the primary factor effecting this week's market?  Listen to the American Advisor now

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What are the rumors with Greece's debit situation?  Learn more in this week's American Advisor.

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Joe Battaglia shares some good reasons why gold is up: 1) London Gold Fix... Learn more

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This week's data is presenting a bargain buying opportunity.  Is this normal going into a holiday weekend?

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Could gold rise to $1,307 by May?  Hear what MacNeil Curry, of Bank of America Merril Lynch, looks for in today's American Advisor.

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Precious Metals Week in Review with Joe Battaglia

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Joe Battaglia Wraps Up This Week’s Gold and Silver News.

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